Roxanne Elizabeth Usleman
Photo by Max de Cherchi

Audio Books

Altered States of Consciousness

Altered States
Of Consciousness

"Unleash The Extraordinary Power
Of Your Magnificent Mind"

4-Audio CD Program

Altered States of Consciousness is an experiential 4-CD Series that will help you access the Higher Levels of Your Infinite Mind. On CDs 1 and 2, Roxanne gives you a dynamic overview of Altered Conscious States, and offers her own personal thoughts, insights and creative metaphors. Also included on CD 1, is a candle meditation to access the first stage of ASC, while CD 2 has you dance a "Shaman's Dance," to further access these Life-Enhancing Levels. Side 1 of CD 3 is a Guided Meditation that takes you on a visually-stimulating journey, set to a background of soft, lyrical music and ocean waves. Side two of CD 3 is a powerful, yet gentle, Hypnotic Programming for further accessing, processing and personal integration. CD 4 can be used as a stand-alone program. Side 1 features metronomic pulses for reaching levels of Alpha, and Side 2, for reaching Theta. These are set to a background of mind-relaxing musical drones and ocean waves.

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